Puesto 333 entre 5814 jugadores en la GMTK game jam, hecho en 48 horas!

Help Cupid to match keys with their locks.
Overcome 8 levels with increasing difficulty and try to beat your speed record.

Move:  Wasd or Arrows.
Shoot: Right click

Game by LimonSalmon (Joaquín Paz).
Art and aesthetics by Momo Alistair (Valentina Paez) and LimonSalmon.
Picture by Momo Alistair (Valentina Paez).
Background music from PlayOnLoop.com  

(Resto de la descripción en español)

- Contenido:

  • 8 niveles, en los que 3 son de tutorial.
  • Una guía muy simple y fluida
  • Contador de tiempo. Resetea e intenta completar el juego rápidamente!
  • Bellos colores neón.

- Proximamente
Version 1.0:  Descargable en Windows, mas ajustes,  solucion a bugs simples.
Version 2.0: Mas niveles, nuevo modos de juegos, nuevas mecanicas.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, piskel, Pixel Art, Unity


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Love the fast past of the game! Good job :) If you add some more trickshots it would be one on my favoriete games of the jam :)


Very cool concept. Loved the idea of not killing the enemies, changes a lot of the pace established by other games. Amazing presentation too!